About Us

The heart of this company comes from the search of ancient boundary evidence deep in the Olympic Mountain Range over three decades ago. The excitement and intrigue of finding historic survey markers over 100 years old in the solitude of the ancient Sitka Spruce rain forest has stayed with us.

The mind of this company is formed in the advancement of technology from the steel tape measuring tools to the Infrared Electronic Measuring Devices, from trigonometry solutions written on a hard hat to the powerful handheld computers.

The soul of this company is founded in the commitment to service with honesty and integrity.

The name of this company comes from the ancient Greek word "Metron," which means “the art and science of measuring”.

Metron was founded in 1994 with a desire to delivery land surveying, mapping and land use planning services that are thorough, efficient and goal driven. In 2004, Metron acquired the distinguished Professional Land Surveying Practice of Mr. Clark M. Leeman and Lee Johnson and Associates located (1960-2004) in Everett, Washington. 

We our honored to be part of the history of the spectacular North Puget Sound region. We look forward to serving the citizens and businesses in the years ahead.

Our Team:

Thomas E. Barry, 
Principal / Professional Land Surveyor 

Chuck Troost,  Survey Technician

Shannon C. Barry, Business Administrator




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